Bread Chips (Appetizer Recipe)

1 teaspoon of pulbiber and black pepper 2-3 slices of bread 1 clove of garlic 4 tablespoons oil 1 teaspoon thyme Cut the cubes of cubes. Crush the garlic in a bowl. Add the oil and spices to the garlic and mix. Pour the sauce on the bread and blend[…]

Milky Potatoes (Appetizer Recipe)

4 potatoes 3 tooth crushed garlic 1 glass of water Milk 3 tablespoons oil Salt, pepper Potatoes are stripped and sliced ​​in a 1 cm thick ring shape. Sauce is prepared in the oven container is blended with potatoes. It is kept in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Cooked in[…]

Baked Cheese Sausage Appetizer Recipe

1 pack of sausages 4 eggs 1 bowl of cheddar grater 200 g beyaz peynir 1 tomato First, let’s chop the sausages in the way you want and take them to the pots. Then mix the egg and white cheese with the blender, pour over the sausages. Tomatoes are also[…]

Cheddar Mushrooms at Casserole

1 pack of mushrooms Half a glass of grated cheddar cheese 1 large onion Half a cup of water 1 tbsp butter 2 tablespoons oil Black pepper Powdered red pepper Salt We cook our mushrooms with half a glass of water. When you take your water, close the onions, oil,[…]

Cauliflower Fries

1 small cauliflower 2 eggs 1 tea cup of milk 2 tablespoons flour A little salt on request Chili peppers Black pepper First of all we divide the cauliflower branch and wash it, then put in the pot and boil for 10 minutes. Two eggs in a separate bowl of[…]

Baked Cheese Sausage

1 tomato 4 eggs 1 pack of sausages 200 g white cheese 1 bowl of cheddar grater First, let’s chop the sausages in the way you want and take them to the pots. Let’s mix egg and white cheese. Let’s add on the sausages. Tomatoes are also chopped and added.[…]

Garbage Skewers Mushrooms

100 g mushrooms Skewers Salt Black pepper Chili peppers Clean and wash mushrooms. Then slice it to be large and thick. Add the spices and mix and index the skewers. Pre-heat the pan before you cook the mushrooms. Place the mushroom skewers in the hot pan. Eat with mint after[…]

Baked Apple Slice Potatoes

Medium or small size potatoes as you want Salt Dry mint Red powdered pepper Curry Small amount of oil Potatoes are washed beautifully. First divide the oil into two or three, then 2 or 3, slice the oil and spices onto the apple slice, and place the crusted pieces on[…]

Potato Balls(Appetizer Recipe)

2 eggs 1 tablespoon of butter 5-6 potatoes 1 cup of cheddar. Salt We’re robbing and washing the potatoes and splitting them in four and boiling them in salt water. We crush it while adding butter and cheese and mix it well. We then beat the salt and the two[…]

Mushroom with Cheese(Appetizer)

1/2 (half) kg of grilled mushrooms Half a teaspoon of butter 1 teaspoon black pepper and 1 teaspoon of salt Mushrooms are extracted. Cheddar cheese slice can be cut or sawn into small pieces. Add black pepper and salt. Mushrooms are fried in the pan and sauteed. Sauteed the fungus[…]